The financial planning industry is young and has a lot of potential for growth in Malaysia. We’re always on the lookout to expand our team of dynamic young individuals.

Who should join us?

Why Should You Choose Us Over A Traditional Corporate Route?

Here at Uno Advisers, we believe that a career is a medium through which we attain our life goals. We should be able to grow, develop and evolve from our careers – as opposed to stagnating and ‘living just to work’.

We’ve also realised that in today’s world with an oversupply of graduates and qualified applicants, we live in an environment of suppressed income. It also doesn’t help that living costs are continuing to climb.

Every one of us has recognised the opportunity in the market for good quality financial services.  More and more people are becoming increasingly aware about the need to manage their finances and we’ve made it our work to cater to that.

We’re here to help others achieve their goals and objectives in life through bespoke financial management strategies – and we want eager, driven individuals to join us.

The usual limitations of HR performance reviews are also not applicable here. We operate on a strong merit-based progression system, so you can truly take control of your career development.

Apply to join us if you are a go-getter who is willing to do things differently to achieve bigger and better things in life.